Patrick Flack

Since obtaining his PhD in Comparative Literature from Charles University in Prague in 2011 (written in English, defended in Czech), Patrick has devoted most of his scholarly and publishing efforts to the study of structuralism and its history. He started off with a traditional research project, funded over 5 years by the Swiss National Science Foundation. This then quickly morphed into an experimental digital publishing and infrastructure venture, of which sdvig press is the spin-off. Although a researcher at heart and by training (his focus is on Central and Eastern Europe, his background in semiotics, literary theory, early phenomenology, the history of linguistics as well as Czech and Russian literature), Patrick has transitioned with enthusiasm to his new role as full-time managing director of sdvig press. Originally from Geneva, he is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

Emanuel Landolt

Second-Hand Bookshop Owner, Researcher, Publisher, Translator, Interviewer, Emanuel is a man of many talents. His passion lies as much with research itself as with communicating and sharing it both in traditional and digital forms with a wide audience. A polyglot facilitator of exchanges and interactions, he has a track record of creating real and virtual forums where people can encounter and meaningfully engage with the arts and humanities.