Logische Untersuchungen. Erster Band

Prolegomena zur reinen Logik

Edmund Husserl

Digital TEI edition of the first volume of the Logical Investigations, based on the 1975 Holenstein edition published as Husserliana XVIII. As part of the version 1.0 of the Husserl eCorpus, which aims primarily to provide a clean textual basis for future uses, the present edition includes no special tagging (e.g. citation, named entities, etc.) or annotations, and has not been revised or reviewed. The pagination of the first two editions (1900 and 1913), as well as the pagination, line breaks and textual annotations of the Holenstein edition have been reproduced.

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First Edition
(1900) Logische Untersuchungen. Erster Theil, Halle (Saale), Niemeyer.